Our business structure 

In order to potentially expand the business and achieve its goals Baltic Staff Ltd. has developed a robust business process for recruiting and supervising workers. The process provides a framework for us to manage the workers effectively and allows the clients to have more time to concentrate on managing other parts of their businesses.

  • Providing services at the client’s site by fulfilling the given assignments.
  • Assisting client’s supervisors in coordinating Baltic Staff Ltd. workers by increasing their productivity, improving their work ethic and attendance, or in any other way in order to improve the welfare of both the client and the workers.
  • Coordinator also discusses the possibility of overtime work with the client’s supervisor.


  • allocates assignments to workers and the coordinator.
  • client’s supervisor informs the coordinator about workers’ poor work ethic, attendance, or work efficiency so that the coordinator could discuss this with the worker concerned and aim for improvement.
  • Providing services at the client’s site by fulfilling the given assignments and improving the work ethic, productivity and attendance.
  • Annual leave must be confirmed by the client’s supervisor by agreeing mutually acceptable leave days.


  • Fulfils tasks assigned by Baltic Staff Ltd as set out in the following documents:

    “Coordinator’s Job Description”, “Baltic Staff Organisational Structure / Worker’s Guide”, and other legal documents

  • General enquiries
  • Various help and assistance
  • Notices of termination of contract or annual leave
  • Assistance in filling out various documents (48 hrs Contracts, Holiday Request Forms, SSP forms)
  • Information on the pension fund
  • Opening a bank account
  • Assistance in acquiring NI number
  • Registering with a GP at the local surgery


  • Enters into a Contract of Services with Baltic Staff Limited
  • Signs other documents as set out by various acts of law.
  • The worker addresses Baltic Staff Ltd Coordinator directly with all types of queries.
  • Coordinator’s training and instructing
  • Coordinator’s accreditation - REC
  • Foundation Level
  • Coordinator’s work control
  • Assisting the coordinator on various issues and queries
  • The Best Coordinator or the Year” competition


  • Contracts and packs of other legal documents
  • Various legal forms
  • Continuous training
  • Surveys
  • Assistance on any work related queries
  • Regional Manager to supervise coordinators
  • Letters for opening a bank account
  • WRS registration
  • Wages
  • Queries relating to wages and pay
  • Organizing interview for NI number
  • Letters to support NI number applications
  • Additional information on the pension fund
  • SSP1 form in case no sick pay is received
  • Termination of contract
  • “The Best Worker of the Year” competition

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