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Novel approach

We believe that it is the focus on worker suitability, continuity of the services provided and effective management system that make Baltic Staff Ltd. a significant player in employment business.

We consider Baltic Staff Ltd. to be unique in serving both businesses and workers due to our well-developed network of local coordinators and regional managers assuring effective supervision and management. Our clients witness that the coordination and management process developed by Baltic Staff Ltd. is very efficient and is second to none in managing workers from outside the UK and helping them to adapt to the new environment.

Baltic Staff Ltd. has introduced a novel approach towards recruitment by offering quality service that we believe meets the needs of the businesses within the industrial sector.

We also assist workers in making accommodation arrangements because we recognise that it can be both a troublesome and costly task for a newly arrived worker to search for a suitable place to live in and that the possible difficulties they face can affect the worker's performance and commitment. We aim to always organise suitable accommodation for the workers within walking distance from their work site.

Once we place a worker in your company, we will provide service for the whole period agreed and we promise to offer a prompt replacement should the worker leave, for any reason other than redundancy. We constantly monitor and try to maximize staff retention rates. There could not possibly be a more suitable and cost-efficient way to ensure your staffing needs are covered at all times.


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