Start a business in Eastern Europe 

1. Incorporation of enterprises and affiliates in Lithuania (£899)

          ·         Opening of a bank account and obtaining a certificate proving payment of minimum requested capital

          ·         Helping you choose a company name which does not infringe rights of third parties

          ·         Notarisation of incorporation documents

          ·         Registering with the Companies House

          ·         Registering with the State Tax Inspectorate for corporate tax, VAT, real estate tax,

                 State Social Insurance Fund Board (SODRA)

          ·         Informing SODRA of employment of workers

          ·         Informing the state Labour inspectorate of the start up of the company

          ·         Opening a bank settlement account (to handle normal commercial transactions)

          ·         Obtaining the official seal of the company

2. Buying a business

3. Legal advice

4. Preparation of a business plan and assistance in pursuing initial research

5. Search for business property or land plots

6. Making property development estimates

7. Search for property developer (organisation of competition)

8. Assistance in seeking for national financing options

9. Accountancy services, tax advise

10. Search and interviewing of employees, sub-contracting (currently minimum salary is under £2000 per annum)

11. Intermediation in making business contacts

12. Accommodation, travel inside the country, provision of temporary offices etc.

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