Can workers from Easter Europe work in the UK?

Latvia and Lithuania became members of the EU from 1 May 2004. Therefore, citizens of Latvia and Lithuania have no limitations on working in the UK.


How do you find and choose workers?

We recruit candidates through our offices in Lithuania and Latvia. In order to ensure that our clients receive the most suitable workers, we pursue careful selection consisting of 3 interviews.


What checks do you do on your workers?

Each of our workers is reference-checked and has criminal records probed prior to introducing him/her to a client. In addition, we perform psychometric tests as well as personality checks in order to ensure that only the most suitable workers are placed with you.


Where do the workers live?

Accommodation is organised by approved landlords, in most of the cases as close as within walking distance from the work site. If the accommodation is outside walking distance, we arrange reliable means of transport so that our workers are not dependent on public transport. Baltic Staff Ltd. pursues constant checks on properties in order to ensure that accommodation at all times complies with set legal requirements.


Do you supply skilled workers?

Yes. We can advertise your vacancies for positions of carpenters, welders, painters, engineers and other skilled roles and should any of our pre-selected candidates match your requirements, we will happily introduce them to you. Duration of search for skilled workers depends on how specific your requirements are.


How quickly can you fill my vacancies?

It depends on particular requirements of each client but we aim to fill all new positions within 2 weeks after we have visited you in your offices and determined your requirements. We aim to provide replacements for workers that you are unhappy with for whatever reasons within 1 week.


How often do you pay your workers?

We pay our workers on weekly basis. Our workers always receive their wages on agreed time.


What are your payment terms?

We offer flexible payment terms depending on each client's needs and capabilities.


Why do you use local coordinators and regional managers?

We have successfully developed a worker management and supervision structure which enables to coordinate workers on each working site at no additional cost to clients. Also, our workers find it helpful as they know whom to turn to with questiond.


Can you prove that you are conducting your business lawfully and ethically?

Yes, we have been awarded REC Audited status on 5 July 2007 which confirmed that Baltic Staff Ltd. is recognised as achieving the highest possible standards in the employment business.




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